Friday, December 30, 2011


The other day I was walking through the Douglas Preserve that is situated on tall bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  At first I just enjoyed the view and didn't notice the dolphins in the lower left hand corner.

View of Pacific Ocean from Douglas Preserve.  Look closely and you can see some dolphins in the lower left hand corner.

As I continued along the path at the top of the bluff, I could see the dolphins in the ocean.  I walked farther along the path so that I was looking down to the dolphins.  They were basically swimming back and forth in the same general area.  I was glad I had my telephoto lens since I was so far away from them.  I decided to watch the dolphins awhile instead of looking for birds.

The black dots are dolphins
Common Dolphins
Common Dolphins, you can see the spray from this one's exhale.
Common Dolphins
They didn't breach while I was watching, but this did a bit of a roll.

Common Dolphins
This dolphin below was by itself the whole time and basically stayed in the same position.  It slowly drifted to the west.  One or two of the other dolphins would approach it and then quickly swim away.  A woman who stopped and watched with me explained that this dolphin was in labor.  I never saw it give birth, but if that is the case I hope mother and baby are now doing fine.

Common dolphin
Common Dolphin
Common Dolphins

Common Dolphins

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