Monday, September 9, 2019

2019 American Begonia Society - Best In Show!

The Best In Show award went to Dennis Wheeler!
Congratulations Dennis!
Dennis also won the Sweepstakes Award for most blue ribbons and the Points award for most Cultural award points.

Dennis Wheeler with his Best In Show Tuberous begonia B. Helena

2019 American Begonia Society - People's Choice Award

Here is a picture of Mike Flaherty and Dennis Wheeler with B. Randy MK2 grown by Dennis.  It was chosen by the members and public to receive the Peoples Choice Award.  Congratulations Dennis!

Mike Flaherty congratulating Dennis Wheeler who grew B. Randy MK2 and won the People's choice Award.

B. Randy MK2

2019 American Begonia Society - Awards

Here are the award winners for for 2019.

From left to right.
Johanna Zinn - Charles Jaros Lifetime Achievement Award
Paul Carlisle - Gene Salisbury Award for Horticultural excellence
Mike Flaherty - Marge Lee Award for creating goodwill and harmony among members
Ross Bolwell - Herbert P. Dykman Award for Service

2019 American Begonia Society Convention - Glass Work

Here are my entries for the Show.  My terrarium won 'Best In Division'.  Inside the terrarium is B. Peridot.  My stained glass lamp shade won a blue ribbon and my fused glass pictures won second and third.

My creations that I entered into the show.

My stained glass terrarium with B. Peridot

My stained glass lamp shade with a tuberous begonia theme.

Fused glass pictures of tuberous begonias

2019 American Begonia Society Convention - Begonia Show

Here are begonias in the show!