Sunday, November 19, 2017

Furcraea foetida, a close relative of the agave!

This plant sent up a tall bloom stalk in the past month.  The base of the plant is about 8-9 feet wide but it is hard to see as it is among a bunch of brush on the hillside.  The bloom stalk is about 25+ feet tall.  At first I thought it was another agave, but the blooms were different than the other agave's.  After some research I believe this is Furcraea foetida, which is a close relative of the agave.  It is grown for it's hemp fiber.

Furcrae foetida

Furcrae foetida

This is looking out the kitchen window and down.  You can see the top of Furcrae foetida, but not the base.

Base of Furcrae foetida.  This plant is about 8-9 feet wide.

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