Saturday, February 11, 2017

A White-Crowned Sparrow in the Rosemary

This morning I looked out the window to find a White-Crowned Sparrow in the blooming rosemary.

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  1. Very nice! The first of these birds I ever saw was while visiting the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge 100 mile south of Albuquerque. The refuge takes advantage of swampy areas around the River; it's famous for visiting water birds like Sandhill Cranes. That was in January (2014?). Then the next year in winter, in a local neighborhood with big homes, across the street from a park, not far from the Rio Grande. They were populating a big bush near some bird feeders (in a front yard that had big rosemary and lavender bushes). And then I saw some the next year in the Nature Center at Central and the Rio Grande, also in cool weather. So this is the time of year I look for them when I'm walking near the river. So thanks for the great picture! Also yesterday a blogger using WordPress warned everyone to update it as hackers had invaded many WP sites. Keep track in case hackers invade this service, too!