Friday, June 14, 2013

Pepe le Pew is setting up residence!

When I came home from work today the little skunk was on the steps.  He looked up at me and his tail when straight up, fortunately he was facing towards me.  
A skunk on the steps, I prefer the concrete rabbit

He didn't spray and went on about his business and slowly made his way down in the garden.  I suggested that he should just move along and he did!  Down to the little waterfall in our garden and got a drink.  That is when I made may way to the front door and into the house to grab my camera.

He continued towards the front door digging around the rocks looking for grubs to eat.  Then he went towards the back side of the house.  Since Mike also saw him two days ago at about the same time of day, I'm thinking he has set up residence near or under the house.  I'm sure this story will continue!

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  1. Cute lovely critter, i've never seen this here, doesn't live in France. Only in the Bambi movie.