Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Officer "Cage" Byrd, Rescues Bird!

Thanks to Mike for sending me this news story
PORTLAND -- An alert Portland policeman spotted a raptor chick with an injured left leg outside a downtown Portland hair salon Tuesday morning.  Officer McCageor "Cage" Byrd (yes, his real name) was able to grab some towels and a box from a nearby hotel and take the young bird of prey to the Dove Lewis animal hospital. The bird was then taken to the Audubon Society.
The young red-tailed hawk likely fell from the nearby KGW Audubon Rator Cam, according to Audubon officials.  KGW Raptor Cam fans have been following the exploits of three chicks that hatched this spring. Just recently, they had been disappearing from the nest for short stretches as they learned to fly.

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