Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hummer eats gnats!

Today I went down by the eucalyptus trees to look around the garden and check on my new suet feeder.  I'm trying to attract some woodpeckers.  I've seen them in the garden before but it has been a long time.  So far nothing has nibbled on the suet.  As I sat on the steps and played some bird calls on my iPhone, I noticed a small cloud of gnats in the air.  I thought now is a good time for some gnat-catchers to come by.  Then all of a sudden a humming bird flew through the gnats eating one and back again into the gnats again to eat another.  This happened about five times.  I saw this behavior in a PBS special on Hummingbirds, maybe you have seen it too.  It was pretty amazing, I could actually see the hummingbird eat a gnat, then fly back around and do it again.  I see hummingbirds eat nectar all the time but I have never actually seen one eat a bug.  So I ran up to the house to get my camera and when I returned, the gnats where still there but not a hummingbird in sight.  I played some hummingbird calls on my iPhone, but nothing showed up.  After waiting 20 minutes a humming bird flew in, ate a gnat and then flew away.  I was able to get this one picture.
If you haven't seen the PBS documentary click on this link Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air and you can watch it on line.  Now when I see a bunch of gnats in the garden I'll sit down and wait for the show.


  1. I never knew a hummer would eat a gnat, great picture.