Saturday, December 26, 2015

Looking for red in the garden

Today I was looking for the color red in the garden and this is what I found.


Red Berries on a Pepper Tree
 This is the end of a small crop of Pomegranates and these are about the size of small apples.

This Pomegranate was eaten by the birds.

This Western Scrub-Jay was keeping an eye on me.

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  1. I took a short walk on 12/25, as it was warm (and windy) before stormy weather, and saw some of the same things. Even pomegranates, plus some other forgotten fruit. A lot of red berries on common hedge-type plants. I saw a few finches, pigeons and doves, and a few geese, coots and ducks at a local pond (Tingley Beach). I wish I'd seen a Jay, that would have made my day! This morning (12/27) it is 27F, feels like 20 due to 6mph wind, and it will probably snow off/on most of the day and be cold through the week... but I'll put out more bird seed, and I have a few tillandsias reddening up, so I can keep cozy inside :) - Debby in Albuquerque