Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's all the chirping about?

This morning the Scrub-jays and other birds were making a lot of noise under the carport.  It was a lot more chirping than usual and when I stepped outside I was surprised to see 5 Scrub-jays and several other birds.  Something was up and it turns out all of the the birds were upset that this Western Screech Owl was roosting between the supports in the carport. 

Western Screech-Owl
This little owl is about 7-9 inches tall and it just sat and looked at me.  It didn't seem to be bothered by the birds or me.  I returned a few hours later and all of the noisy birds were gone and the owl was still there but this time asleep.  


  1. How seriously cute! Birds upset around here usually mean that they've sighted and are warning others about: a hawk, a roadrunner, a cat, or papaprazzi humans with cameras. - Debby

  2. Is the darling little owl still there?