Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A day at the platform feeder

The platform feeder attracts a variety of birds that don't always come to a tube feeder, as well as some birds who are too big to eat out of a tube feeder.  One day in August I aimed the BirdCam towards the platform feeder and here is the activity it photographed.

The day starts with a House Finch and Oak Titmouse front and center.  I've watched an Oak Titmouse fly in pick out a safflower seed then fly away into the bushes only to come back and do the same thing over and over again  .

Next up is a juvenile Spotted Towhee, it's adult feathers are coming in. 

A couple of Juvenile Grosbeaks with three female House Finches.

 This must be kids day as here is a juvenile California Thrasher.

 Now a Crow and he does a nice job of smiling for the camera.

 Now another big bird, a Band-tailed Pigeon.

Now a friend is flying in.

And a third Band-tailed Pigeon joins the group.

So how many more do you think we can get on here?

Hey we might be getting close to a record.

Oh but wait, a party crasher is climbing in.

The squirrels enjoy the seed and view too!

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  1. What a day at the feeder! I love the squirrel coming up and shooing all the pigeons away!