Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fragrant Tillandsia

My fragrant tillandsia is in bloom.  I bought this about 3 years ago when it was in bloom and I thought it would never bloom again and it hasn't until today! 

The bloom is less than a half an inch and has a strong sweet fragrance.

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  1. A Crocata maybe? Good pictures! I have one that bloomed shortly after I got it, and the sweet scent lasted quite a while (even after the flowered had dried up!). There are several kinds of flowering Tillandsias, even Spanish Moss apparently (mine have not flowered yet). I plan to collect more different kinds of fragrant Tillandsias via the sales sites on the internet when the weather improves enough that I won't worry about them freezing on the way from warmer areas of the country to Albuquerque (which is cold at night still).