Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Naked Lady from Mount Calvary

About four years ago my friend Brother Will from Mount Calvary Monastery gave me some naked lady bulbs (Amaryllis belladonna).  He had dug them up at the monastery and I planted them in three different areas on our hillside.  This year one of the bulbs has sent up a stalk with some blooms and this is it.  I was surprised to see one of the bulbs bloom in this location as it is a few feet from one of the birds feeders and there is a lot digging and scratching from the different birds.
Naked Lady, Amaryllis belladonna
It's especially nice to see these blooms emerge from the ground as Mount Calvary Monastery was destroyed nearly three years ago in the Tea Fire.  That fire that burned 1,940 acres and destroyed 210 residences.  

Just yesterday Brother Will stopped by and gave us some White Naked Lady bulbs.  Now we will plant them on the hillside and look forward to both Pink and White Naked Ladies blooming on our garden. 

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  1. Beautiful pink colors! Nice photography. I would love for you to visit my site and use that eye to let me know what you think here is a link to my most recent post